Realizing the potential of teams and organizations

Organizational development (OD) is a long-term, sustainable development and change process for organizations
and the people working within them.

Successful OD processes are based on professionally accompanied learning and development processes.
Not only the content and objectives of changes are key to their success - the way in which they are introduced are important too.

We know from experience that OD processes succeed when the affected become the involved.
This approach makes it possible to apply the experience of the people involved and to realize their potential.

OD I Vision – Strategy

Your organization wants to adapt itself to new or future market developments and be proactive?

With OD I Vision – Strategy, we accompany you throughout the development of a vision and the implementation of your strategy.
Our proven approach ensures that the most important stakeholders are part of the vision and strategy development process.

This way, the vision and strategy become achievable step by step and support your organization's long-term success.

OE I Change Management

You want to better prepare your managers and associates for change and professionally accompany them through the change processes?

With OD I Change Management, we accompany your managers and associates with tailored modules before, during and after change projects.

With our support, you ensure that changes are accepted by those affected and that they have a lasting effect.

OD I Crisis Management

Your organization is in a crisis and has to re-orient quickly and implement measures necessary to ensure its survival?

With OD I Crisis Management, we support you with a double-strategy:
Immediate programs to deal with the most urgent problems quickly and, parallel to these, development of a longer-term strategy
to ensure that the organization is correctly positioned in the market after the crisis.

OD I Review

Your organization has been through a restructuring program and you want to measure its effectiveness and to reinforce it where necessary?

In OD I Review, we use our proven methodology to analyse the implementation of a re-organization process and work together
with those affected to design measures to optimize the change process.

OD I Roles

Are the newly defined roles unclear following a restructuring process and have the expected performance improvements not been achieved?

With OD I Roles, we analyze the current situation following re-arrangement or re-organization of the organization
and moderate workshops in which the workers develop action plans using solution-oriented methods.

We can also accompany their implementation if you wish.

OD I Team Building

You lead a newly formed team and want to achieve success as fast as possible?

With OD I Team Building, we offer you customized modules which ensure your new team quickly becomes able
to work together and achieve good performance.

OD I Team Development

Are you leading a team that is trying to fufill its potential in order to improve performance?

With OD I Team Development, we analyze the performance of the team and apply proven methods
to improve communication, cooperation and performance.