Developing and supporting specialists and leaders

In the fierce competition for the best talents, a company cannot leave the selection, support and development
of its specialists and leaders to chance.

Bleiker Consulting offers you assistance in this key task in management development (MD).
Our great experience and knowledge gathered over many years ensures you the best-possible aid in implementing your MD aims.

MD I Assessment

You want the right person for the vacant specialist or management position?

Our MD | Assessment services are efficient instruments for evaluating and selecting specialists and managers.
Thanks to their informative results, they form the basis of important personnel decisions.
The programs are customised to the function and role:

  • One-to-one assessment
  • Group assessment

MD I Management Training

You need a management training course which supports the implementation of your strategic objectives?

With MD | Management Training, we offer you tailored, modular training and development concepts which are customized
to your company's specific needs and those of each participant group.
Here, knowledge transfer takes on a central role. The course content is presented on the basis of specific case studies.

This makes it possible to create feasible solutions and to train effective behaviour for a successful implementation.

MD I Coaching

You need support and accompaniment in challenging professional situations?

With MD | Coaching, we support you in dealing with challenges by concentrating on your competencies and by focussing on solutions.
We can support you with the following challenges:

  • Managing difficult employees or teams
  • Supporting managers
  • Communication
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Conflict management
  • Reflection on career

MD I Mediation

You are involved in a conflict and are seeking a constructive approach towards a solution?

With MD I Mediation, we support you as a neutral intermediary between the two conflicting parties and offer assistance in finding a mutually acceptable solution.
Our approach ensures that those involved in the conflict develop a solution in consensus.

MD | Horizons

You want to alter or re-orient your career?

Those who wish to make a career change have to know three important things: their location, their aims and the way to get there.
With MD | Horizons, we accompany you in opening new professional horizons and support you in getting there.